Welcome to my mind, this is kinda what is is like in there. Enjoy if you would like, but even I don't always. So don't feel obligated or anything.

(please excuse all grammar mistakes, I dislike editing my thoughts.)

Friday, November 27, 2009

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH what do you know?

FIrst off the fuzzball turned out to be the coolest cat in the world, Shila. Shila was a solid black kitty with a black nose. She was the queen of the cats, she was the smartest, the wittiest, nd could turn into the most shapes. It was Shila that was the lizard that one eventful morning that I mentioned previously.
about the whole changing shapes thing, it was just something cats could do in this dimension. Cats were aso the only things that could travel between worlds without beings somehow changed. Anybody could go from world to world once in a lifetime, but they would somehow be changed and they wouldn't be able to go back to where they originaly came fro. Which ws one of the reasons I didn't like Dido because on the way over he said I would be able to go back. When I asked him if I could when once we had arrived and he had rested and dissapeared for three days leaving me in the alien dimension. He came back and said he couldn't bring me home afterall.
Shila was my one ray of light durring the first souple weeks. She had been born on my planet, Earth 101. And she liked that planet best but she couldn't got back to it because it is cat law that you can only change forms on this planet, Earth 105 ( a much more advanced planet than Earth 101). She had changed forms so now it was illegal to be on any planet but this one so she was suck here with me. I was ten at the time of my arrival and I am fifteen now. And I'm still not used to it here. Its hard to get used to how big every thing is. the only thing that is smaller about this earth is the population. It's about half the size of Earth 101. But seeing as the people here are more that three times the size of native Eath 101eans it is still really crowded.
Shila complained and made fun of this earth right along with me when I first arrived and introduced me to my aunt. She wasn't really my aunt she just made me call her aunt because she like it. When somebody as big as my aunt tells you to do something that is what you do. Otherwise you may be crushed by a hand or elbow. Even among the largeness surrounding my aunt she was still one of the biggest ppl here. Eventhough the peoplr here were advanced in science the were not in the psyciological area. If you were big and strong the you were the leader or a very powerful person. So all politicians here really were big baffoons that wasn't just an expression.
Shila had told me all this when I first arrived, and she still reminded me of it every day. she would jump on my chest on a school day morning and say who's the biggest idot and I would say the biggest person, and then she would purr.
That day was a half day so we started school halfway through the day. And i was running late becasue I had woken up at one. So I picked up Shila and we ran outside to be scooped up into Susann's pocket. My ride to school. Technically I wasn't allowed to bring Shila to school but she was so much smaller than the teacher that nobody noticed.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I listened as the enormous car rolled over me, I knew we had some cereal but that would mean i would have to crush the cereal into bite sized pieces for myself, and that took a long time and was a lot of work. I deiced to just have a glass of energy drink. Well it was a large glass to me, a thimbleful to the rest of the world. The car rolled me, my aunt was oblivious to my presence, didn't even wish me good morning, the nerve. I ran across the kitchen floor and then leaped to grab the bottom of the rope ladder that was hanging off the edge of the counter. As I climbed up, the rope ladder swinging beneath me, I watched the youngest of me cats, Dido, stalk into the room. I was about six feet up and at the end of the ladder there was a little rope just hanging down that caught Dido's attention. "Oh no Dido, please, just leave the rope alone!" I pleaded with him, last time he had played with the little fray of rope he had swung it just so that I feel all the way down to the floor. I wasn't really looking forward to another such trip. "Please," Dido was mocking me. However much you wish your cats would answer you sometimes, you still shouldn't want to hear what they are thinking and saying about you for real. "I want to play with it though, you worthless human! And when you fall don't fall on me!" I climbed as fast as I could to the top of the ladder and swung myself up onto the counter, just as Dido pulled on the bottom of the frayed rope. "Damn it!" I heard Dido swear beneath me. Now it was mu turn to mock him, he couldn't get up onto the counter even if he was an agile feline. "O, poor poor little kitty cat, did your game run away from you? Does that make you unhappy? Do you want me to call your mommy? O, wait I forgot, your mommy is still back on earth, isn't she?" That may have been harsh at the time, but I was hungry and he had almost just killed me, and it was is fault I was stuck on this planet anyways. I had accidentally pulled other cats tails before his, and they had just hissed at me, I apologized and that was that. But no Dido had to drag me here, where I had to go to school is some girl's pocket and then sit on her desk all day. The teacher couldn't wee me raising my hand so I got terrible participation points. I finally just decided to email My teacher whenever I had the right answer, but that was also difficult seeing as I had to jump from letter to letter. The only good thing about this place is I get to be very super fit. I realized I had hurt poor little Dido's feelings so after I had gone through all the adventures of getting my thimbleful of energy drink I slid down the extremely long slide. It was the size of water slide back on my own planet but I couldn't have water in the kitchen so I got stuck sometimes.
I made it down to the bottom to have a furry ball of happiness launched at my face.


OK, here's the picture: I'm bored and I should be working on homework if I'm awake, but I'm not working on homework and I am obviously awake so I'm writing this instead. Exciting right?

This morning I woke up and realized it was 1:12, my cat was on top of the covers at the foot of the bed and it was too hard to pull the covers up around my chin. I wasn't cold I just wanted to be warmer. Since it was too difficult to pull the covers up I decided to get out of bed. This proved to be difficult because my bed is located two feet from the ceiling and my feet were down at the bottom of the bed and the ladder was up by my head.
I knew that the thing I had to do was get my feet on the ladder, the question was, how? I first had to get out from under the covers. When I tried to move my feet up to the ladder with my covers over me it had proved to be extremely difficult. I pushed the covers down, I vaguely thought that it would be hard to straighten them out when I got back in bed that night but I pushed that thought away for something to complain about later. Pulling my knees up to my chest I swung them over the top of the covers. Now the harder part of actually getting out of the bed. Curling myself into a ball I lay on my back, then I let myself roll over onto my side so that when I stuck my feet out they would be hanging out over my ladder. I straightened my legs and rolled onto my back. To bad I couldn't sit up then I would be almost out. Instead I pushed with my hands till I could make my toes touch the first rung of the ladder. I let myself drop down, the sudden impact of my weight on my feet made them crack. I held myself up by my arms, my elbows were bent past my ears. I took the next step down the ladder, now I could raise my head. I walked down the rest of the ladder oblivious to the ground at the end.
When I reached the ground I realized I had stepped on something warm, gushy, furry, and soft. I hoped it wasn't one of my eight cats. They hated it when they got stepped on. It didn't hurt them at all, they weren't exactly normal cats. But they felt that it was very rude of me to step on them even though they were always right under my feet. Seeing as their preferred form was that of a cat, but not their only form I thought that when I was tired in the morning they could do themselves a favor and not be in the shape of a cat, and try something else instead. I suggested this to one once and the next morning I stepped onto the back on a very spiky lizard with purple ears. Not exactly a pleasant morning surprise.
Anyway back to what I stepped on this morning. It turned out it was a fuzzy blanket one of the cats had just vacated. Which was weird because that would mean that they were up before me. Then I remembered it was 1:20 by this point and I was unalarmed.

I wove my way through the mountains of junk, clean laundry that hadn't been put away, and dirty laundry that had kind of just accumulated over the course of time. I made it into the hallway and looked around. There was no sign of my Aunts little car any where. In most houses you don't have to look both ways before you cross the hallway in mine, you do. Seeing that it was safe I made my way down the hall toward the kitchen.
I was a respectable 5 feet some more inches tall but I still had to look up all the way so the back of my head almost touched my back to see the doorknob to the stainless steel sterile door. The reason for this large door was that it was the size of my aunt, she happened to be very tall and very wide, and needed her little car. Steps had been built into the wall just for me when I first moved in with her, after I had accidentally pulled a cats tail and it had dragged me here from my home world. I was the smallest person on the planet so the steps were still too big for me, no one could believe how small I was. To put my size into perspective, the cats that I tripped over and stepped on fit under the arch of the people who lived there feet.
I climbed up the over sized steps and then harnessed myself to the rope that was attached to the handle of the door and launched myself off the top. The momentum of my swing pulled the door handle down and the door swung inward. After the door had opened all the way, it hooked to the wall inside the room. A motion
detector rolled another set of steps underneath me. I un-harnessed myself and tripped down the steps gaining momentum as I went I had to run to a stop at the bottom. I looked up to see where my little plane was, and found myself looking straight into the enormous grill of my dear aunt's car. I quickly sat down with my hands over my head.
As I sat there on the ground in the middle of the huge kitchen floor hoping my aunt didn't decide to turn, I wondered what I was going to have for breakfast.