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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Story Time

I, as usual, ran out of books to re-read and to read last weekend, so I decided to write y own book, for me. I started out drawing a map so I could judge ho far away things were, I couldn't think of any names for the locations except the Separat mountains the Rishnak, and the Wrackbod river. My story so far is set in the times of dragons, griffins, and elves. Though the mythical creatures still exist the humans don't remember them. (If I see a newly published story with this theme I will assumed you copied me so watch out!) . Any way I am not going to tell you what happens in the story but along with my map I made a list of all the species attributes and lifestyles, I even wrote the humans a religion. Then I wrote up main character bios, as if I was doing a book report in fifth grade.
I have the smart on the side character a werecat because I swear cats are some of the coolest animals in existence. I probably mentioned this before, but I have four of them and they are all completely awesome.
Spring break is coming up, I get two weeks off, one of my friends is going to Europe and the other one s going to the east coast, those lucky ducks. But its all cool cause I'm going to France this summer, probably. I am going to stay in a little town where my uncle owns a bakery, and help with my little cousin. I think it will be a perfect place to write and read also, I cant wait! OK I think thats all for now, oh I can say, "Je ne comprend pas le Francais." ( I don't understand any french)

Ou revoir!!
Auf Wiedersheine!! (is that how you spell it?)
Till we meet again!!