Welcome to my mind, this is kinda what is is like in there. Enjoy if you would like, but even I don't always. So don't feel obligated or anything.

(please excuse all grammar mistakes, I dislike editing my thoughts.)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

In Which I Learn Three things about Me, Myself, and I

1. Me take personal offense to my cat having fleas.
2. Myself saying Spanish vocab words alone in a room can be creepy. Agree, Not Agree, Danger, Wind, quiet, Loud
3. I love writing from a child's point of view.

There was going to be more to this blog post, but that beginning bit was all I was really itching to write. Although my cat is itching all over, she is the one with the fleas after all. You know, you may be wondering, why would I be writing a blog post this late at night, well, I will tell you, I had coffee at like 5 and I am still a little pumped, also, periods in sentences are for wusses..................
You guys should be really proud, I am typing all of this with my cat's head resting on my hand. She seems to think my fingers moving up and down are like a little throat massage. Or she is just making a point. I think she is makin g apoint, she does not seem comfortable.

Ok, I am going to leave you to make my cat happy. Yes, my single cat trumps all you adoring fans out there.

OH, BTW I am not going on Semester at Sea, I didn't quite get the scholarships. I am going to send the little money that I raised back to the donors (Thanks guys!) but first I need to get my money back from semestre at sea. Also, I need to tell those peoplpe that they are getting checks from me. ok now oprah's cjin is typing and her paw is mousing, I have no idea if this is still going to make any sense. Ohh, she moved her head. Oprah is my cat. Oprah, my cat, is resting her head on my hand. I am leaving only about half of the resulting typos. I also can't see my keyboard or my hands. Yay touch typing!