Welcome to my mind, this is kinda what is is like in there. Enjoy if you would like, but even I don't always. So don't feel obligated or anything.

(please excuse all grammar mistakes, I dislike editing my thoughts.)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Still Not Doing Homework, but working hard.....kinda

Maybe I should write a play instead of doing my homework. Maybe I should just watch a single episode of a single TV show to get procrastination out of my system. Maybe I should see how many words I can write in an hour (I think I've gotten like 1500 on that one before). Maybe I should just go to sleep. Maybe I shouldn't be writing this blog (i just wrote blood instead of blog). Maybe I should just do my freaking homework. I have so much at this point that it basically encompasses my entire life. I am surprised that this isn't homework.
This is an odd principle, that I have so much homework everything I do seems to be layered with it, and yet nothing I do gets any of my homework done. I say that is an oxy moron for the ages.
You know what? I am going to do something really stupid that will fill me with a bit of self-disgust. I am going to watch a TV show.
The reason that I am going to do this, god damnit lookit me now, trying to rationalize it. I can do this because I got ahead on all my other work so that I could work on my final projects. That means that I just have a little bit of studying for a quiz tomorrow to do. My brain is short circuiting because nothing is due for three days but I still have a BUNCH of work.
I'm sorry you had to read this if you read it. I feel that little place in my chest where my sense of self-confidence and efficacy sits as I get closer and closer to not doing my homework but watching TV instead.
Why am I doing this to myself. If I ever read this post again I will wish that I could reach back in time and slap me upside the head. When I say upside the head I mean with an upwards motion and make contact right above the neck. I deserve it. Future me, if the technology has been developed, please do it. Damn, we don't get virtual time travel in my lifetime. Or I am never rich enough to afford it. Try harder future me.
Ok, try harder present me too.
I shouldn't post this, what if I try to get a job and they see this.
ATTENTION ALL FUTURE EMPLOYERS! I am actually ahead on my work right now, as I mentioned before. I have a lot of work still to do, but I have never turned in an assignment late. I got this, I really do. OK thank you for only paying attention to this last paragraph. I am going to go rest my mind for an appropriate amount of time before jumping back into the thick of my work!
Whooo, this'll be fun!

I'm Back!

I hope you didn't miss me.
I realize that I have not posted anything for a while, and since you are likely reading these en masse and not as I post them you would not be aware of this tidbit. But now you are, it has been a little over a month since my last real post. You will notice, if you check, that I did post toward the end of November but that one doesn't count because it was to my roommate who happened to be reading this.
I write now because I should be working on final projects, surprise surprise. And because I just woke up from a fifteen minute power nap and was very confused.
First a bit about power naps.
I love power naps, they have gotten me through many a day. A power nap is a short nap, usually about fifteen minutes where you lie down with your eyes closed. You don't have to sleep, it's like a quick charge. You know when you plug your phone in and take it out again after just a few minutes it will appear to be fully charged for at least a little bit? No, well that's what non-smart phones do. Anyway, that's essentially the point of a power nap. A couple rules for these to work.
1) You must actually lie down, close your eyes and do nothing. Skimming twitter or facebook or incessantly watching Vines doesn't help. Close your eyes, be still.
2) You must set a timer.
3) When that timer goes off you MUST get up. If you don't you have to wait another half an hour until you will feel refreshed upon waking. (this has to do with sleep cycles and brain waves, I wont' get into it.)
4)I'm serious, follow the three steps above.
That being said, it doesn't always work. One time when I set my timer I set it for fifteen hours instead of fifteen minutes. I did not sleep that entire time but I was late for class. Another time I was lying on the floor and my roommate tripped over me, this lead to an almond butter jar falling on my phone which broke it. My most recent story, this happened about fifteen minutes ago. I was taking a power nap and my roommate needed the light on so I was sleeping with a scarf covering my eyes for darkness. (This is not a necessary step in power-napping) when my alarm went off I couldn't figure out why it was so dark and I couldn't see. I thought that I had slept through all my evening hours of homework time. It was terrifying.
Speaking of hours of homework. I am studying the affects/effects of the internet and social media in democracy and governance. I made a survey, if you read this before, let's say December 15th 2013, take the survey. It takes between 30 seconds and 2 minutes.  Social Media and the Internet's Perceived Affects in Governance I would really appreciate as much data as I can get. Thank you!