Welcome to my mind, this is kinda what is is like in there. Enjoy if you would like, but even I don't always. So don't feel obligated or anything.

(please excuse all grammar mistakes, I dislike editing my thoughts.)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another Post. whuddoyaknow.

Ok I have like five follwers, and thats cool with me, cause its not like I want the whole world to know the dramatic play of my life, but it seems like it would be nice if I at least got some comments. Anyway, I could guilt trip you, and you will only see that i thought of doing that if you are actually reading the blog, and if you are it is not directed at you. Ok I once again have homework I should be doing. We're going to just say that unless it is summer and I am writing here, assume I should be doing homework. This is what I do when I really don't feel like thinking about school. I always talk about school though so it defeats the purpose. Anywhoo, I am in some kind of chemistry, I think it is organic cause we're talking about carbon a lot....

Today my mom told me I need to learn how to not listen to things, just buzz the sound around me, cause I can't. When I'm in a room with a lot of things making noises I can't think and I get distracted, maybe I have adhd....Now would be a good time to add the, "Oooooh look a butterfly!" joke but I don't feel like it. For spanish I am writing a novelette thing in spanish and it is going to be kinda hard cause we have to illustrate it and use irregular spanish verbs, like peinarse, which means to comb.

In english we watched the Miracle Worker, which is about how Annie Sullivan taught Helen what a word was, it was kinda creepy, but I thought it was ok. They over dramatized ti way to much. I mean its not a horror story, its a sweet, powerful story about dedication. A zombie didn't appear the whole movie, with the music that played it would not have been surprising if one had.

Alright well I am going to go finish writing a lab report, and then who knows, maybe I'll go to sleep before 11. probably not though.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Today I went to SF to see my little cousin, he is around three years old and is super cute, you don't get to know his name but I think its awesome. He has the most energy and is super smart, but very spoiled. He also tries to be funny, he's using this being a cute little kid thing to his advantage and working it.

My story is coming along, there is a fight about to happen or be avoided, I'm not sure which yet between a Fairy a Dragon and and Elf against a Griffin, and on the other side of the mountains there is romance budding between to young innocent magic 14 year olds, of course the girl is more powerful, of course they don't know the true scope of their feelings for each other and of course their parents don't know and probably wouldn't approve. All very predictable but extremely fun to write.

I have been writing it on my netbook b/c it can be transported easily, but I could write it on any computer because i have it in google docs, which is one of the worst programs you could possibly find for formatting, but its good to just write in I guess, only it doesn't catch mistakes.....so my writing is pretty messed up, it will take a lot of editing to wort out and make it presentable. Actually I realize now that this doesn't correct mistakes so I'm sorry about all the mistakes, I really suck at punctuation. I'm not really clear on how to tell where periods and commas go, I just go my how it sounds and that doesn't always work out so well, because I think in spirals usually and I just take out whatever I need at the time. Sometimes it is very efficient for me others times not.....it all depends.

Hm, well its getting kinda late, I just thought I'd mention that two of my bestest buddies are out of state this break and I really miss them. Ones in Europe and the others on the east coast. alright then, Toodles!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Story Time

I, as usual, ran out of books to re-read and to read last weekend, so I decided to write y own book, for me. I started out drawing a map so I could judge ho far away things were, I couldn't think of any names for the locations except the Separat mountains the Rishnak, and the Wrackbod river. My story so far is set in the times of dragons, griffins, and elves. Though the mythical creatures still exist the humans don't remember them. (If I see a newly published story with this theme I will assumed you copied me so watch out!) . Any way I am not going to tell you what happens in the story but along with my map I made a list of all the species attributes and lifestyles, I even wrote the humans a religion. Then I wrote up main character bios, as if I was doing a book report in fifth grade.
I have the smart on the side character a werecat because I swear cats are some of the coolest animals in existence. I probably mentioned this before, but I have four of them and they are all completely awesome.
Spring break is coming up, I get two weeks off, one of my friends is going to Europe and the other one s going to the east coast, those lucky ducks. But its all cool cause I'm going to France this summer, probably. I am going to stay in a little town where my uncle owns a bakery, and help with my little cousin. I think it will be a perfect place to write and read also, I cant wait! OK I think thats all for now, oh I can say, "Je ne comprend pas le Francais." ( I don't understand any french)

Ou revoir!!
Auf Wiedersheine!! (is that how you spell it?)
Till we meet again!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I am doing this NaBloMo thing which is this thing that encourages you to write in your blog everyday for a month, except that I already missed a day and it has an option to post something there on their little website thing and I posted something there but I don't think it counts as an actual blog post, so why do that anyway. I thought what I wrote there what I wrote would appear in both places but it didn't, so now I am writing two completely different things in two not completely different places. All the while not doing my homework which is doing that annoying thing of tugging on the back of my brain while I think of reasonable things to do so I won't do it. I haven't thought of any yet so thats why I am writing my second post of today. Interesting huh? I am sure you are hanging on my every word. I hope you don't fall of cause falling hurts.

Have you heard the song that goes:
When I was one, I shot a gun
Over the Irish Seas!
I climbed aboard a pirate ship and the captain said to me,
"We're going, forward, backward, this way, that way, Over the Irish Seas!"
Whoo, Drank some juice to get me loose,
and thats the life for me!

well have you? It goes on with when I was two, when I was three, and if you know how to count you will know that, when I was four, comes next. Anyway I sang that song all the way up to twenty today. I also sang 99 bottles of rum on the wall, going down in increments of three. All very intertaining when you are incredibly bored. Rhyming a story with the first letter of each line starting with A and then the next line B and the next, guess what?!, C! But poems like that only last till you get to Z and then it s is just no fun to go back to A again.

Well thats all for now! I have some memorizing of lines to do, and dare I say, A LOT of homework.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Re gearing

Ok, so, I got a bit bored with that story thing and it showed up upside down anyway. I'm gonna try something that nobody has ever thought to do on a blog, write about myself, probably complain a bit and post some random stuff that just comes up. Isn't that just a novel idea?

Lets start off with some introductions, I'm not going to tell you my name, Lets just say my name is Iggy, how does that sound. I chose that "name" for those of you who are wondering because it is a nickname of a word that rhymes with my name, clever right? I don't want to know your name, I'm sorry if that seems self-centered but I don't think anybody would want to give me there name so I don't want you to feel obligated or anything, I'm just that considerate. I have five chickens, one turned out to be an idiotic rooster that crows every 15minutes during the day and when ever you open the door at night. The chickens' names are, Algebra, Goose (she looked like a goose when she was a chick), India, Luna, and our roosters name was Grace while we thought he was a girl but then we had to change it to Gracen, to make it seem more manly.
I also have four cats, and if you are thinking, "wouldn't the cats chase those poor chickens?" then you are absolutely wrong those chickens chase those poor cats. The cats names are Gus, Charlotte, MiMi, and Oprah. And as if I didn't have enough pets I also have a little dog named Dixie. Dixie is an extremely good actor, I can never tell when she is she is so good. I think that she acts though because she has duel personalities A sweet little terrier dog where you can tell she just adores her owners and hangs on their every command, and the other side is the the poor untrained neglected dog where you think she might rip someones throat out.

My room is a mess and let no one tell you otherwise. If I ever post, "I cleaned my room!" assume that by the time you read it my room will be a pigsty once again. I have one of those awesome loft beds that they sell at Ikea except there is only about a foot and a half of room for me to be in between my mattress and ceiling.

Ok thats it for now, in case you were wondering, no I don't "tweet" I think that should be left for people who really care about the news not people commenting about cleaning their rooms.....plus I think that maybe I'm not mature enough for twitter since it bores me to death, in a way, I mean, I;m not dead or anything, in case you were wondering.